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Classic style with clean lines and the perfect fit will always be hard to ignore. New York is well known as a fashion hub worldwide and for good reason. An unmistakable source of New York style will always be African American Men who choose classic fashion over trend. Clean, timeless style has vitality and suave appeal that leaves a lasting impression. There is no point in denying the power of a classic aesthetic.

New trends are always popping up with a tendency to be recycled versions that cannot make ‘Classic’ status. Classic style is not the same as ‘Vintage’ or ‘Retro’, but rather a separate explanation of a style that will garner a certain appreciation. Timeless style is mesmeric, drawing the eye and allowing it to travel along lines designed to flatter the wearer. Much of the beauty in classic style is in the details and how those details work for you. A great shoulder does wonders for a look, the right collar can be incredibly flattering and accessories are always the finishing touch.

Choosing classic style over trends does not mean that a trend cannot be considered, but the trend is secondary, always. As trends have a tendency to be cyclical, with one or two small adjustments added to each reincarnation, they can be incorporated into a classic aesthetic if done with care. An example of incorporating a trend into classic style would be the stylish polo in a trending new color. The pop of an interesting design on the lining of a sports coat or a complimentary pocket square. A trend can never be allowed to overpower a classic look, though at some point what is classic was a trend back in the day. Trends must be elevated to work with a classic look, but a classic look can always stand without a trend.

African American Men who choose classic style over trend will consistently stay ahead of the game. They will always have something to wear for whatever their day might bring. A wardrobe built on a classic aesthetic will have plenty of interchangeable pieces that work harmoniously with each other for a smooth, suave look. Classic fashion is adventurous, flattering and undeniably compelling. The inclusion of a bright color, stunning accessory, an interesting shoe or an incredible texture can polish a classic look to perfection. Think about the suave look of the velvet slipper versus the iconic classic Adidas low-top sneaker. They are very different but can be seamlessly incorporated into a classic look.

With each individual, the finishing touches are likely to be very different. African American Men who choose classic designs over trend encompass a wide range of timeless style; and though each may own similar items in their closet, it is unlikely they will ever step out dressed the same. Sure, they might all own a fedora or two, perhaps a few knit ties, but the compilation of a look is personal. Exploring classic style is exhilarating and the visual of a completed look will always be impressive.