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The price of each shoe is $250 for all pre-orders and FREE Shipping*

*This pre-order limited edition will be available until April 30th. Orders will be shipped and received within 3-4 weeks of your pre-order. Thank you for your order.


Blue Velvet Slipper

Yellow linen Slipper

Blue Linen Slipper

Magenta Velvet Slipper

Purple Velvet Slipper

Velvet Slipper Duo

Women Shoe Pre-Order

Submit a new order for each shoe size if ordering multiple shoes with different shoe sizes.

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  • Price: $250.00

  • Price: $250.00

  • Price: $250.00

  • Price: $250.00

  • Price: $250.00

  • Price: $625.00

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