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Classic style doesn’t stop with your tailored trousers and crisp oxford shirt. Keep your smart style going with the right shoes. Trends may come and go…but your wardrobe should stand the test of time…just as you have. Consider these seven options in shoes, as you build a collection that echoes sophistication from eras before, and generations to come.


The Oxford

In years past, the Oxford shoe was a staple for a man’s business suit. With its classic look, it still is a staple, but has moved beyond business wear only, to casual looks as well. The Oxford is a must-have in your shoe closet…preferably in as many shades as possible.


The Chukka

The Chukka is as unique as its name, which refers to the desert boot worn by British soldiers. – cool sophistication at its finest. The Chukka offers a unique style option, with fewer eyelets for lacing, and an ankle height, maintaining the clean, polished look you desire. Just as the Oxford, it can be worn for business or pleasure.


The Brogue

Not to be confused with the Irish accent, “brogue” also refers to the classic brogue detailing of a man’s shoe. The brogue design consists of detailed serrating and perforating, to create an artistic pattern. As you create a subtle, and sophisticated look, keep your clothing patterns to a minimum when wearing a Brogue shoe. The shoe alone will speak for itself.


The Loafer

The loafer may come in more variations than any other men’s shoe. As a man of classic style, you’ll appreciate the versatility of this easy slip-on. A couple pairs of loafers are essential to the wardrobe of a man who needs a quick change from business to casual…especially when heading out with friends, or packing for a quick weekend trip.


The Driving Shoe

Absolutely a casual must-have, the Driving shoe brings meaning to the word, “comfort,” with its traditional moccasin feel. You’ll stand out in the crowd as you bring an easiness of style, even on your most casual of days.


The Chelsea Boot

Dating as far back as the Victorian era, the Chelsea boot offers a clean look with no laces, and a smooth finish. Pairing these boots with a sweater and rolled jeans for a night out, gives off a vibe that says, sexy, confident, and ready for anything.


The Trainer

You aren’t always working…sometimes you need a day to reward yourself with casual comfort. On those days, you can still look confident, by keeping your shoes comfortable, yet sophisticated. The Trainer does that for you, with its classic, and clean sneaker look. Your wardrobe is not complete without a reliable Trainer.


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